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A rhinoplasty, or nose job, is a surgical improvement to the appearance and function of the nose. The nose’s central and prominent location makes it one of the most defining facial characteristics. Unfortunately, self-confidence may suffer when a congenital malformation or injury affects the shape of the nose. Not to mention, this altered form of the nose may affect breathing. Rhinoplasty provides patients the opportunity to transform the nasal structure to enhance the nose, correct breathing problems, and give balance to the overall facial aesthetic.[1]

The medical staff of Esthetica Center for Cosmetic Surgery, are world-renowned surgeons who have reshaped the lives of thousands of patients over years of caring practice. Conceptualize a brand new look and feel for your nose at your consultation with Dr. Wael Kouli.

At Esthetica Center for Cosmetic SurgeryDr. Wael Kouli is a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs his facelifts to meet the goals of each patient skillfully. Dr. Kouli will use his expertise and experience to create a surgical plan that meets your aesthetic goals and uses the most advanced techniques available to minimize scarring.

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The nose is a vital part of the respiratory system. Besides allowing us to smell, it also serves to filter and moisten the air we breathe. The nose is also a defining facial feature and part of our unique appearance. The shape, contour, and size of the nose play a massive role in the visual aesthetics of our facial appearance. A rhinoplasty provides patients the opportunity to make adjustments to an uneven nasal appearance and correct breathing issues. Depending on a patient’s condition and desires, a rhinoplasty can change the nose’s width, length, and tip.[1]
Once complete, the treatment leaves patients with a newly configured nose and unobstructed nasal passageways.


A new shape and dimensions for your nose can enhance your wellbeing and your self-confidence! At your consultation with Dr. Kouli, you will gain a better understanding of what the surgery entails, and how it can improve your daily life. A rhinoplasty offers benefits that include:

  • Ability to customize the contours of the nose for a more pleasing aesthetic
  • Improves breathing and overall facial appearance
  • Can address the dimensions of the tip, bridge, and nostrils
  • Correct asymmetry
  • Improve proportions for better harmony with other facial features


Getting a rhinoplasty can be a deeply personal choice and can be a transformative experience. Dr. Kouli is here to guide you through the specifics of the surgical corrections. Rhinoplasty is suitable for patients:

  • Concerned or self-conscious about their nose
  • Wanting to correct a deformity caused by an injury
  • Are 15 years of age or older
  • Have trouble breathing
  • In good health without certain underlying medical conditions
  • With a good understanding of what kind of results rhinoplasty can provide, and the risks involved

Personal Consultation with Dr. Kouli

The exemplary staff of Esthetica Center for Plastic Surgery has countless years of experience in delivering dramatic outcomes that change lives. Headed by Dr. Wael Kouli, the clinic has worked its way to become one of the most popular and trusted cosmetic clinicians in Southern California, and has locations in Del Mar, Coronado, and Newport Beach.

Your Rhinoplasty consultation appointment

Prospective candidates will meet with Dr. Kouli to discuss their concerns and learn about the rhinoplasty surgical process. After he reviews your medical history, he’ll examine your nose and inquire about how the aesthetics and functionality impact your life. This pertinent information is needed to develop an effective treatment plan to handle your concerns.

Virtual consultation

Busy or out-of-town patients have the option of scheduling their appointment virtually. On the website, you’ll supply the necessary information and attach photos of your nose. Be sure to include a visible headshot, a three-quarter view, and a view of the nostrils. Our medical staff will review these and will be in touch to schedule a video chat.


The team of Esthetica Center is here to support you as you prepare you for your rhinoplasty. Successful planning in the weeks ahead of your surgery will ensure a worry-free journey. You may be asked to:

  • Quit smoking and use other nicotine products in the weeks leading up to your surgery, and afterward. Smoking can affect your ability to heal correctly.
  • Go to your local drugstore and pick up the medications that Dr. Kouli has prescribed prior to your surgery date. Also, please provide us with a complete list of medicines you take, if any.
  • Have a friend or loved one pick you up and take you home after your surgery.
  • Make a trip to the supermarket and shop for soft foods. They’ll be easier to eat during the first few days of your recovery.
  • Fast as directed in the hours before your procedure.
  • Come to your appointment with a clean face and a comfortable, button-down shirt. You’ll want to avoid pulling tight shirts over your head for the first weeks of your recovery.


Once you get settled, we’ll administer the appropriate anesthesia (local or general) and begin the surgery as outlined in your personal treatment plan. Dr. Kouli will start your rhinoplasty using the technique best suited to achieving your desired results.

  • Closed (internal) rhinoplasty
    A closed rhinoplasty makes minor or moderate revisions to the nose. Incisions are made on the soft tissue inside the nasal cavity, so there’s no visible scarring.[2]
    This allows Dr. Kouli access to the nose’s internal structure. From here, the reshaping process begins.
  • Open (external) rhinoplasty
    Open rhinoplasty involves making an inverted-V incision on the underside of the nose.[1] A medical device is used to lift the skin back to give direct entry to the nasal anatomy. The nose shape will then be readjusted and refined to correct cases that require more extensive work.
  • Septoplasty
    A septoplasty is dedicated to helping patients with a deviated septum. This treatment readjusts a misshapen septum allowing for clearer nasal passageways and improved breathing.
    Once Dr. Kouli has completed the necessary adjustments and achieved an ideal aesthetic, the nose will be sutured closed. Your results will be bandages and protected with a splint.


Plan on resting on your back when you arrive home, and using a few extra pillows to keep your head elevated. The remaining effects of anesthesia coupled with post-surgical symptoms may make you feel tired for the first few days. The day after your procedure, you’ll return for a follow-up appointment to make sure that your recovery is off to a good start. We’ll schedule another appointment in a few days, and one for a week after your surgery, at which point we’ll remove the splint. During this time, you’ll likely experience discoloration, swelling, and bruising around the nose and under the eyes. Take the medication as directed, and continue to rest with your head elevated. It’s important to avoid anything coming in contact with or putting pressure on your nose, and we’ll give you a list of tips to make this phase of your recovery as comfortable as possible. Within two weeks, you should be able to return to non-strenuous activities.


A rhinoplasty surgery offers a long-lasting solution for patients concerned about their nasal appearance or breathing problems. However, final results will take time to appear. Most swelling dissipates in about four months after the procedure, with the remaining swelling greatly improved by month seven. The tip of the nose takes the longest to resolve, and so it can take up to a year to enjoy the full effect of your rhinoplasty.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures

Esthetica Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers plenty of complementary procedures that pair well with a rhinoplasty treatment. At your consultation, Dr. Kouli may also recommend a:

  • Cheek Augmentation: Cheek Augmentation is a way to get firmer, lifted, plumper cheeks and a more youthful overall appearance. This surgical enhancement can be performed using synthetic implants or a fat transfer. Cheek augmentation not only turns back the clock but can add dimension that further enhances the contours achieved from a nasal procedure.
  • Beauty injections: This popular injectable is a versatile non-surgical treatment. Beauty injections Cosmetic is a safe neuromodulator ​​made from beauty injections type A, and when administered, relaxes facial muscle contractions. Beauty injections can eliminate the appearance of dynamic lines and wrinkles, create the appearance of a fuller upper lip, and prevent the formation of future wrinkles in areas prone to creasing.

Cost of Rhinoplasty in San Diego, CA

A rhinoplasty is a customized treatment that provides personalized results for each patient. Hence, the final cost associated with your treatment will depend on a few factors. In some cases, your insurance company may fund your treatment if it serves a medical purpose. Financial concerns will be talked about in your initial meeting with Dr. Kouli. Check out our specials page to take advantage of significant savings.

What kind of result will a rhinoplasty provide?

A rhinoplasty will rework the nose’s internal structure to provide aesthetic and functional improvements. By restructuring the underlying bone and cartilage, the nose will correct visual imperfections to the nose. Patients suffering from breathing problems will also see vast improvements.

What is the difference between a closed and open rhinoplasty, and which one do i need?

A closed rhinoplasty addresses moderate nasal imperfections by making incisions from inside the nose. On the other hand, an open rhinoplasty can treat more extensive cases by making an incision from the underside of the nose, in the tissue called the columella. Scheduling a consultation with a surgeon will determine what treatment is right for you.

Will insurance cover my rhinoplasty procedure?

In most cases, insurance companies consider rhinoplasty a cosmetic elective procedure and will not cover the cost. However, if you are experiencing health issues, your insurance may cover some or all costs associated with your treatment.


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The office and procedure room were immaculate. Dr.Kouli and staff checked up on me often post.


I had an incredible experience at esthetica. Dr. Kouli is both personable and professional. Everyone in the office is friendly and aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I’d highly recommend their services.


I would recommend this office to anyone seeking a procedure. They answered any and all of my questions immediately. No matter how big or small.


Dr. Kouli is the best!, best surgeon, best bedside manner, best follow up… just the best


I can’t say enough about dr. Kouli. He looked a my problem which was pretty bad and immediately knew that he could fix it.