Mommy Makeover

Consultations offered at our four convenient locations in Del Mar, Coronado, Newport and San Diego, CA

A single mommy makeover could be just the refresh that you need, restoring your body to its pre-pregnancy shape, and making sure your curves are in all the right places.


Since each mommy makeover is specifically tailored to your post-pregnancy needs and desires, your procedure will be as unique as you are. Your mommy makeover will be performed under general anesthesia and could take several hours, depending on the procedures you have selected. Your surgeon will discuss with you the details of your mommy makeover prior to your surgical appointment. It is important that you have someone to drive you home once you have awakened from your mommy makeover, and to help take care of you during the initial days following your procedure.


Your recovery from your mommy makeover will vary depending on the procedures you decide to include. Your surgeon will give you detailed instruction on how you can best care for yourself following your procedures. You can expect swelling, soreness, and bruising at the treatment area. This will be made more tolerable with prescription pain medication. It will be helpful to have someone to assist in caring for your children during the first week following surgery. Most mommies are able to return to work between two and four weeks following a mommy makeover.

Why Choose Esthetica?

Esthetica of San Diego is dedicated to providing you with exquisite results in plastic surgery. Our luxurious facility will allow you to rest and relax as you meet with your surgeon to discuss your vision for your post-pregnancy body. We will then advise you on the best combination of surgeries that can yield lovely results for your mommy makeover. Each member of our staff is dedicated to providing a comfortable atmosphere in which you can realize the body of your dreams. Your children are the most precious gift you will ever have, but that doesn’t mean they have to change your body. Reclaiming your confidence is important – you deserve it.