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Breast Reduction

Reduction mammoplasty is a surgery that is done to reduce the size of the breasts. To accomplish this result, our plastic surgeons remove fat, tissue and excess skin.

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There are several common reasons for breast reductions. In some women, large breasts contribute to poor posture, chronic neck and back pain. Sometimes, a rash develops under the breasts. Large breasts can also make it difficult to exercise. Before the procedure, you and our surgeons will decide on a new size and shape for your breasts.

After a breast reduction, your chest will be smaller. This should make movement easier. The surgery may also relieve discomfort due to excessively large breasts.

During your consultation at our San Diego office, please talk to our surgeons about your full medical history.

  • Allergies.
  • All medications you take, including herbal supplements, eye drops, over-the-counter medicines, creams, and prescription drugs.
  • Any use of steroids (by mouth or in creams).
  • Previous problems with anesthetics.
  • Possibility of pregnancy, if this applies.
  • History of blood clots or bleeding problems.
  • Previous surgery.
  • Other health problems.


  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, and herbal supplements for two weeks before surgery.
  • Do not take vitamin E for two weeks before surgery.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking makes healing more difficult. It also makes scarring more likely.
  • If you are older than 35, we might recommend a mammogram (breast X-ray) before surgery.
  • Let our plastic surgeons know if you develop a fever or a cold. You want to be well for your procedure.
  • Stop eating or drinking any fluids for eight hours before your surgery.
  • You might be asked to shower with special antibacterial soap before coming in for the procedure.


To begin your procedure, general anesthesia will be administered. This will ensure that you are completely asleep and unable to feel any pain or discomfort throughout the experience. From there, we will create the incisions.

Options Include:

  • A circular cut around the areola.
  • A lollipop-shaped incision around the areola and down the front of the breast.
  • An anchor-shaped incision around the areola, down the front of the breast, and along the breast crease.

With each incision, the nipple will remain attached to its original blood and nerve supply. We will reposition the nipple, reduce, and reshape excess breast tissue. Once a smaller, more proportionate chest has been sculpted, we will place sutures deep within the breasts to maintain your new shape.

For most of our clients, breast reduction is done as an outpatient procedure. As such, you will return home the very same day. You will need a friend or family member to receive your discharge instructions and drive you home.


Recovery from breast reduction will last about two to three weeks. During this time, pain, swelling and bruising is normal, and you will need to limit strenuous activities and rest often. Most of our Coronado clients are able to return to sedentary work within three weeks. The scars associated with a breast reduction are permanent, but they will become increasingly less apparent over time.


When you work with an experienced La Jolla cosmetic surgeon, complications are very rare. However, even the best cosmetic surgery procedure is not without risk. Your surgeon will discuss these with you at your consultation.

A breast reduction can give you smaller, more manageable breasts. If you’re ready to make your ideal body a reality, please contact our office today and schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeons.

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