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JuvaShape treatments stimulate your body’s natural production of fresh collagen – which contours stubborn problem areas, minimizes wrinkles and reduces cellulite.

JuvaShape is FDA approved to give full apoptosis to your fat cells.

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JuvaShape harnesses the power of non-invasive radio frequency technology to deliver concentrated thermal energy to the tissues beneath your skin’s surface.

As these layers heat up, your body responds by producing new collagen, which results in:

  • More attractive facial contours
  • Reduced fatty deposits throughout the face and body – immediate inch and fat loss
  • Minimized cellulite
  • Tightened skin


  • Temporarily minimize the appearance of cellulite
  • Tighten skin and promote collagen production
  • Smooth and reshape your body contour
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce inches

While liposuction surgery can target unwanted fat, it doesn’t do much for cellulite. The revolutionary JuvaShape technology allows patients of all skin types to smooth away a cottage cheese appearance and improve texture issues – restoring a more youthful face and body that is unattainable through any other procedure.

Treatment Areas

JuvaShape is an incredibly versatile procedure that can benefit men and women of all ages. It has the power to improve an array of aesthetic issues, including:

  • Cellulite

When JuvaShape is combined with mechanical massage, it is a highly effective cellulite treatment.

  • Wrinkles

The RF energy delivered via the JuvaShape handpiece can be adjusted to heat your deep or superficial tissues, depending on the extent of your lines and wrinkles.

  • Uneven skin texture

Microblative RF needling can smooth out an uneven skin texture and restore a beautiful complexion.

  • Fat

Kills fat cells every visit with deep ultrasound energy.


The radiofrequency technology used by JuvaShape selectively disrupts cell wall membranes in the treated fat cells. From there, unipolar radiofrequency accelerates your skin’s ability to metabolize, so that it can destroy and clear away these cells. The treatment combines collagen growth with the selective breakdown of fibrous tissues to smooth and contour the body, while ensuring that your healthy tissues are unharmed.


JuvaShape treatments at our medical spa can be an effective solution for many men and women.

In general, the best candidates are individuals who:

  • Struggle with cellulite, lax skin, wrinkles and unwanted fat
  • Want to target specific problem areas on the face and body
  • Are interested in a non-invasive approach with minimal downtime and discomfort


Your JuvaShape treatments will be done in the privacy of our medical spa. The entire appointment will last about 30 minutes and should be virtually painless. In fact, many of our La Jolla clients compare it to a relaxing, hot stone massage.

No incisions, anesthesia or needles are necessary, so there is no downtime. As such, you will be free to return to work and your normal daily routine right away. You may notice mild irritation and redness for a few days, but these effects should dissipate quickly.


Your body will respond to the JuvaShape treatments by naturally clearing away the excess fat cells and fibrous tissue that are causing your cellulite and lax skin. As such, the results will appear gradually. Over time, visibly smoother and firmer skin will emerge.

Most of our clients notice an improvement in their appearance after the very first treatment of JuvaShape. However, six or more treatments are typically necessary to achieve your ideal results.

How many JuvaShape treatments will i need?

The number of treatments you need depends on your individual goals. In most cases, our La Jolla clients see a visible difference in their bodies within three to five sessions. However, many need between five and six visits to achieve their ideal results.

Is JuvaShape safe?

Yes, JUVASHAPE is a safe and effective procedure that requires no downtime and allows you to resume your normal daily activities immediately.

Am I a candidate?

JUVASHAPE is a very popular cellulite reduction and body shaping treatment among our San Diego clients. However, it’s not right for every patient. To be considered an ideal candidate, you should be close to your ideal weight and want to address small areas of excess fat and cellulite. It is not an appropriate treatment for individuals who have excess skin or a lot of weight to lose.

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The office and procedure room were immaculate. Dr.Kouli and staff checked up on me often post.


I had an incredible experience at esthetica. Dr. Kouli is both personable and professional. Everyone in the office is friendly and aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I’d highly recommend their services.


I would recommend this office to anyone seeking a procedure. They answered any and all of my questions immediately. No matter how big or small.


Dr. Kouli is the best!, best surgeon, best bedside manner, best follow up… just the best


I can’t say enough about dr. Kouli. He looked a my problem which was pretty bad and immediately knew that he could fix it.