Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Introducing the Obalon® Balloon System

Dr. Kouli is proud to announce that he now offers the Obalon Balloon System. Obalon is an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment that is the first and only balloon system used for weight loss. It facilitates weight loss by taking up space in your stomach causing you to eat less and feel full faster. A total of three balloons are placed in your stomach for a six-month treatment, along with a comprehensive nutrition and exercise plan. Obalon patients have experienced up to twice the weight loss than just diet and exercise alone. In addition to the balloons, it is important to keep a healthy and active lifestyle to promote optimal weight loss results. Obalon balloon system can help support long-lasting results if diet and exercise are maintained after removal of balloons.

Obalon Insertion

Obalon is convenient due to the swallowable placement of capsules, which generally takes 10 minutes or less. The placement requires no sedation or anesthesia, and there are no permanent anatomical changes to your body. Not to mention, there is no downtime after the placement of the balloons; you can resume normal, daily activities right away. These gas filled balloons are both lightweight and buoyant, which provides the patient comfort. The most common side effects for Obalon were mild abdominal pain and nausea; often, these side effects seemed to decrease as time went on.

Obalon Removal

After the six-month treatment, you will come in and have all three balloons removed during a light sedation; the procedure is brief and typically takes around 15 minutes.

Ideal Obalon Candidate

The ideal candidate for Obalon is someone with the body mass index (BMI) of about 30-40, which generally means about 30-100 lbs. overweight. It is also recommended that you are at least 22 years old and are committed to losing weight.

Questions or Concerns?

The Obalon Balloon System is a great way to kickstart your weight loss efforts, but the success depends on your willingness to develop new lifestyle changes. It is important to discuss any questions or concerns with your surgeon; Dr Kouli is happy to alleviate any concerns you may have and takes the time to answer your questions.

Safety Information

You cannot take any Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs or Aspirin while the balloons are in your stomach. You cannot have the balloons inserted in you live or plan to live in an altitude of 4000 ft. or higher or 2500 ft. below the elevation where the balloons were inserted.

For all safety information, please contact us at (619) 452-3067.

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