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Pinched Nasal Tip – San Diego Rhinoplasty

11 March, 2015 admin No Comments

Do you want your nose to look more like everybody else’s? Rhinoplasty can fix a pinched nasal tip. The main goal during pinched nasal tip rhinoplasty is to strengthen the weakened sides of the nostrils.

When a nose is pinched, it’s typically because the sides of the nostrils are collapsing inwards – they don’t have the support they need. Using grafts from the body, the plastic surgeon will support the nostrils. This gives them a normal convex look, correcting the collapsed, inwardly projecting appearance.

Supported nostrils make a pinched nasal tip look fuller. If this sounds right for you, don’t wait – contact our office today for an appointment! You’ll speak with board-certified surgeon Dr. Wael Kouli, an experienced medical professional who has been performing successful rhinoplasties for many years. Dr. Kouli will design a surgical plan to fix your nasal tip.