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Male Chest Recontouring – Post-Operative Care San Diego

11 March, 2015 admin 580 Comments

It’s vital to take post-operative care into account when considering any plastic surgery procedure. When undergoing male chest recontouring, you’ll be numbed with some form of anesthesia. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll still be feeling numbed and woozy, so you’ll need a friend or family member to drive you home.

For a day or two, you may also need this friend or family member to aid with any household chores or tasks. After this period, you’ll be able to do tasks on your own again. Be gentle with your body as it heals from your male chest recontouring.

Once your body has healed fully from male chest recontouring, you’ll be able to enjoy your more masculine-looking chest. To arrange a consultation, contact our office. Dr. Wael Kouli, a board-certified surgeon, will be happy to help, so call or email today.

Gynecomastia Surgery – Male Breast Reduction San Diego

11 March, 2015 admin 703 Comments

If you have enlarged male breast tissues and would like to make a change, consider gynecomastia surgery. This male breast reduction procedure is frequently used by surgeons to reduce an enlarged male chest.

During gynecomastia surgery, your plastic surgeon will remove the tissues from the breast area, recontouring the chest. Following this, the incisions that were created will be closed using stitches. Dressings or bandages will be applied to the stitched incisions, protecting them from germs and lowering the risk of infection.

Speak with Dr. Wael Kouli, a board-certified surgeon, to find out more about gynecomastia surgery and what it can do for you. You’ll be able to view Before & After photos, discuss your surgical options, and have all your questions answered. Contact our office today to set up an appointment.

Male Breast Reduction – San Diego Incision Options

11 March, 2015 admin 605 Comments

Male breast reduction – a cosmetic operation designed to recontour the male chest – is extremely helpful for those patients experiencing an excess of male breast tissue. If you’re interested in this procedure, read on to learn more.

There are many incision options for male breast reduction, and the choice made by you and your plastic surgeon will be determined by several factors. Two of the main factors will be the type of tissue to be taken out and the amount of tissue you would prefer to have removed.

Discuss your male breast reduction options with a skilled, board-certified surgeon like Dr. Wael Kouli during a consultation. Dr. Kouli has the experience and technical skill set to make sure you get the results you’ve been hoping for. Arrange a consultation – contact our office today!

Male Reduction Mammaplasty – Gynecomastia San Diego

11 March, 2015 admin 658 Comments

Male reduction mammaplasty, used to give a man a more masculine chest, is a form of body contouring surgery. Body contouring surgery is used to remove various types of tissue – typically fat, glandular, or skin tissue – from areas of the body, making the region toned, sculpted, and trim.

Excess skin tissue, fatty tissue, and glandular breast tissue are usually all removed during a male reduction mammaplasty. The left, right, and bottom sides of the breast area are resculpted, aiding in the creation of a new contour for the area.

Want to find out more about male reduction mammaplasty? Good news – you can ask any questions you may have to Dr. Wael Kouli, a board-certified surgeon with a great deal of talent. To make an appointment with Dr. Kouli, contact our office.