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Brazilian Butt Lift – Fat Transfer San Diego

11 March, 2015 admin 662 Comments

The Brazilian butt lift – a form of gluteal enhancement – is not only great for your butt, it’s also a fantastic way to lose embarrassing body flab! You can get fat taken from areas like your hips, back, and arms, after which point it will be processed and then injected into the buttocks.

After the fat transfer part of a Brazilian butt lift, not all of the fat will survive. Typically, 60% to 85% of the donor fat will stay viable, and the rest will be safely absorbed. The closer the injected fatty tissue is to the muscles in the area, the greater the chance it will be kept alive by the blood supply.

Different surgeons have different techniques for suctioning fat and processing it, and not all of them have the same rate of cell preservation. Choosing the right surgeon for the job is integral, and doing comparison research online will only get you so far. Set up a consultation and talk to one in person! Speak with Dr. Wael Kouli, a board-certified surgeon with years of experience, about Brazilian butt lifts. Call or email today!