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Eye Lift – San Diego Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

11 March, 2015 admin 2 Comments

An eye lift, also known as blepharoplasty surgery, is an ideal procedure for rejuvenating the eyelids. Some patients have puffy bags under their eyes and sagging skin and wrinkles on their lower eyelids; for these patients, a lower eyelid lift will be enough to resolve these signs of aging.

The cause of the wrinkling, sagging, and eye bags in the lower eyelid area is a gradual weakening of the tissues with age. The body produces less collagen and elastin protein as we get older, leading to less-elastic skin, which sags. Muscle tissue also sags after becoming weaker and less supportive. Without the supportive muscle tissue, fatty tissue can droop. An eye lift can remove sagging skin and alter muscle and fatty tissue.

Dr. Wael Kouli, a board-certified surgeon in San Diego, is the right surgeon to choose for your eye lift procedure. Dr. Kouli�s years of experience and great results speak for themselves. To find out more about the procedures we offer, contact our office and arrange an appointment.

Brow Lift – San Diego Endoscopic Procedures

11 March, 2015 admin No Comments

Do you ever wish you could stop time in its tracks? Turn back the pages of the calendar? With a brow lift, you can reduce and remove the signs of aging that appear on the forehead and brow, lending your face a rejuvenated, youthful look.

After anesthesia has been administered and the endoscopic brow lift’s small incisions have been created, the surgeon will insert the endoscope. While this tool is occupied, another tool will be busy in one of the other tiny incisions. This second tool will be used to alter the underlying facial tissues, removing tissue as necessary to smooth out the areas.

Dr. Wael Kouli, a skilled, board-certified surgeon, will evaluate your brow and forehead during a brow lift consultation. To arrange a brow lift consultation, contact our office today.

Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Surgery San Diego

11 March, 2015 admin 718 Comments

Blepharoplasty surgery is eyelid surgery meant to rejuvenate the eye area, removing any bothersome signs of aging. When it comes to this procedure, you have some options.

If you need only one eyelid recontoured, this is known as unilateral blepharoplasty. This can be performed on the left or right upper or lower eyelid. Bilateral blepharoplasty is when a plastic surgeon recontours both upper or lower eyelids. Quadrilateral blepharoplasty is the term for having all four eyelids recontoured.

Are you unsure about which type of blepharoplasty procedure you would prefer? Arrange a consultation with our office. Board-certified surgeon Dr. Wael Kouli will perform an evaluation of your eyelids and face. Dr. Kouli can answer any questions you may have, so call or email today.

Endoscopic Forehead Lift – Endoscope San Diego

11 March, 2015 admin No Comments

For a highly accurate procedure with smaller incisions than a traditional forehead lift, come in for an endoscopic forehead lift. This lift surgery is able to erase wrinkles and more.

One of the key differences between the endoscopic forehead lift and other kinds of forehead lifts is the tools involved. In order to get a better look at the internal facial tissues, your surgeon will use an endoscope. This tool has a light and a tiny camera, both of which aid in giving the doctor more precision during the procedure. The endoscope is connected to a monitor, which shows the tissues on a larger scale.

To discuss the endoscopic forehead lift with Dr. Wael Kouli, a board-certified surgeon with years of experience, arrange an appointment. To set up a consultation, contact our office today.

Endoscopic Brow Lift – San Diego Recovery Time

11 March, 2015 admin No Comments

hen deciding on the right plastic surgery procedure for you, it’s always important to take recovery time into consideration. Recovery time affects your ability to work, exercise, and even participate in minor everyday tasks. The endoscopic brow lift is a brow lift with a short recovery time.

The recovery time for an endoscopic brow lift is much shorter than that of the traditional brow lift. Swelling goes away within a few days, and you’ll be able to return to work in around one week.

So get the gentler brow lift – get an endoscopic brow lift. Discuss endoscopic brow lift recovery with Dr. Wael Kouli, a board-certified surgeon with numerous satisfied patients. To set up a consultation with Dr. Kouli, contact our office today.