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Radiesse – San Diego Dermal Filler Treatments Facial Rejuvenation

11 March, 2015 admin No Comments

Radiesse is a long-lasting injectable, providing positive effects for the body longer than most other injectables on the market. The results of a Radiesse treatment usually last for at least a year, and depending on factors such as metabolism, a treatment has even been known to stay for up to three years. It may be necessary to get minor touchups during this period.

As Radiesse is a temporary dermal filler, the calcium hydroxylapatite spheres it contains will at some point disintegrate into their component calcium and phosphate elements. Your system will harmlessly absorb these. The water-based gel that the spheres come in will also dissipate harmlessly.

Dr. Wael Kouli is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the San Diego area. To learn about Radiesse from Dr. Kouli, set up a consultation by contacting our office. Lose those wrinkles today!