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Fat Transfer Injections – Butt Augmentation San Diego

11 March, 2015 admin 612 Comments

Looking for a way to get a more desirable rear end with some curve to it? Fat transfer injections are an effective method of giving patients volume and curve in their derriere. This procedure is known as the Brazilian butt lift.

The first part of the Brazilian butt lift is liposuction, because you can’t have fat transfer injections without first harvesting the fat. During the liposuction process, your surgeon will take fat cells from trouble areas of your body with the aid of a cannula, which is a thin, sharp tube. The fatty deposits will be broken up, and the cells will be sucked out through the cannula.

To find out more about fat transfer injections, liposuction, or any other aspect of the Brazilian butt lift, speak with Dr. Wael Kouli. Dr. Kouli is a board-certified surgeon with years of experience. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Kouli, contact us today.

Buttocks Enhancement Healing Process – Butt Implants San Diego

11 March, 2015 admin No Comments

As with other plastic surgeries, the buttocks enhancement healing process can affect the results of the procedure if the patient doesn’t follow the instructions diligently. If you listen to your plastic surgeon, your rear end will be looking more impressive in no time.

During your buttocks enhancement healing process, it will be important to not place pressure on your buttock implants. A large amount of pressure could cause your implants to be shifted to a new location, which is called migration. Migration could result in complications and should thus be avoided.

Plastic surgeons insert each implant into the area above the part of the cheek that people sit on, which aids in avoiding migration. Learn more about the buttocks enhancement healing process with a trip to the office of board-certified surgeon Dr. Wael Kouli. Dr. Kouli will give you the information you’ll need to have a comfortable and safe recovery. Contact us today for an appointment.

Gluteal Enhancement – San Diego Buttock Implants

11 March, 2015 admin 558 Comments

Want a butt that’ll turn heads? A beautiful backside that’ll have people talking? Maximize that rear end with gluteal enhancement!

Gluteal enhancement begins with anesthesia. Once anesthesia has been administered, your plastic surgeon makes an incision through which they can place the implants. This can be a horizontal incision in the area where the cheek meets the thigh. It can also be between the cheeks at the top of the buttocks. These both have various pros and cons, such as scar visibility and the likelihood of infection.

It’s best to learn as much as you can about your gluteal enhancement options, and there’s no better time and place than during a consultation with board-certified surgeon Dr. Wael Kouli. Dr. Kouli has the experience needed to offer the best recommendation for you and your desired enhancements. Contact us today to create an appointment with Dr. Kouli.