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Tummy Tuck – Abdominal Contouring San Diego

11 March, 2015 admin 546 Comments

Are you unhappy with the look and feel of your abs? Get rid of that flab and start looking fantastic with the help of a tummy tuck! A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical method of contouring the abdomen.

Abdominal contouring can help a person look trim and toned – no gym regimen necessary. The procedure accounts for three issues: excess skin from aging and weight loss surgery, excess fat that builds up over time, and loose muscle tissue that droops over the years.

Ready to reach your full aesthetic potential with a tummy tuck procedure? Then get in touch with our office! We’ll arrange a consultation with Dr. Wael Kouli, a board-certified surgeon serving the San Diego area. Call or email today!