What is Forever Young BBL™?

Forever Young BBL™ is a non-surgical treatment from Sciton that offers the ability to fight your skin’s natural aging process by sending a light energy deep into the skin. Unlike lotions and creams, Forever Young BBL™ has the ability to reach deeper layers of the skin, which is where most of the aging process happens.


What areas can Forever Young BBL™ Treat?

Forever Young BBL™ can treat any area of your body. More commonly treated areas are parts of the body that receive frequent sun exposure.

Common Areas Include:

  • – Face
  • – Neck
  • – Chest
  • – Shoulders
  • – Back of Hands


How many Treatments will I need?

The exact number of treatments varies depending on the patient. Dr. Kouli and his wonderful staff will create a customized plan to meet your needs.


Is Forever Young BBL™ Safe?

Yes. It is a safe and effective procedure that has been clinically proven to have excellent results. There is also virtually no recovery or downtime following this procedure.


Forever Young BBL™ Results

In the Forever Young BBL™ study, doctors judged that patients who received regular treatments (at least once a year), were found to look ten years younger than when they first started.


Want to Learn More About Forever Young BBL™?

Contact Dr. Wael Kouli today for a consultation in which you can discuss any possible questions or concerns regarding Forever Young BBL™.

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