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The effects of aging can appear in the forehead area as deep horizontal lines, heavy brows, and “frown lines”. A Brow Lift can help with these conditions.

Technological advancement allow a significantly smaller incision area with the use of an endoscope, which allows internal viewing of the brow area.

What are the indications for a forehead and brow lift?
Primary indications include ptosis of the forehead and eyebrows and fullness of the lateral upper lids. The forehead and brow lift also helps to correct transverse forehead lines, glabellar creases, and transverse folds at the root of the nose.

What are the potential complications of a forehead and brow lift?
The incidence and severity of complications from a forehead and brow lift are quite low. Virtually all complications are apparent in the early postoperative period. Complications include hematoma, transient loss of sensation, tightness, chronic pain, hair loss, unacceptable scars, irregularities, and skin necrosis.

What are the advantages of an endoscopic forehead lift?
No scalp resection, less scarring, decreased and less permanent numbness, and less bleeding. This procedure is beneficial for patients with alopecia and permits a comfortable, fast recovery.

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