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Cosmetic Surgery Patient Testimonials San Diego

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Austin A. *
Carsbad, CA


The entire Esthetica staff and the services they performed have been a life changer for me both personally and professionally!!  I highly encourage any US military service member who is struggling to get within height/weight/body fat percentage standards to give Kim a call and set up a consultation for liposuction.  (See their web page for the discount for military members!)

I’m a US military service member and have had trouble getting myself within height/standards, which I’ve never struggled with during the 17 years I’ve been a member!!  I score well in the fitness tests but with the recent onset of a few medical problems and a slower metabolism that comes with age I just couldn’t get those few pounds/inches off.  I researched a few cosmetic centers in the area and sent them emails but Kim from Esthetica was the only that called me that day.  (The others called days later).  I explained to her my professional situation and was hoping Esthetica could help but I was concerned about the cost.  She explained the discount they offer service members and we actually chatted for quite some time about a lot of things, not just about me or the procedure!  She immediately put me at ease, answered all of my questions (and I had a lot!) with patience, and allayed all fears/concerns about everything.

When I arrived at the Esthetica office in Del Mar I was greeted by the equally sweet and helpful front desk attendant, Katie.  I met with Kim and Dr. Kouli, who has a great sense of humor and is very patient as well, and that day we set a date to have liposuction on my abdomen and flanks.  The day before my surgery I had my pre-op meeting with Susan, an RN who was very sweet and patient with me as well as I asked her several questions as well.  The surgery went well.  My post-op follow ups with Dr. Kouli and Susan were awesome.  Even though there was a lot of swelling and bruising they were very supportive and encouraging while reminding me the ideal results will come.  I was offered a complimentary ultrasound massage to help quicken the ‘smoothing out of the lumps’.  This is where i met with the technician, June.  She’s been performing this service for several years and was actually one of the pioneers of this particular process.

Fast forward 8 months and one cannot deny the results! Even though there are still a few small lumps that will continue to diminish, I look slim, contoured, and I absolutely love the results. Most
Importantly, because a total of 5 1/2 inches was removed I know I will never be out of standards and I will take that peace of mind all the way to retirement!!

Again, there are not enough thanks I can give Dr. Kouli and his absolutely marvelous staff!!  The experience and customer service (he gives you his cell to call anytime…who does that?!) from start to finish has been remarkable and I highly encourage anyone considering liposuction to give Esthetica a call.  You won’t be disappointed!!

++Side note, the other clinics I reached out to didn’t respond for 2 weeks, were very impersonal, and they wouldn’t talk about prices until I showed up for the consultation with a check to ‘hold my potential surgery date’….booo!++


Pa H. *
Rancho Santa Fe, CA


Firstly, this place is as beautiful as it gets. You feel pampered and more pretty just by entering without having any work done 🙂 Every procedure was scheduled promptly and the results are excellent. Completely recommend! Doctor Kouli was attentive and very pleasant, knowledgeable and did an excellent job. His nurse and everyone in the office are awesome. Thumps up!


Sarah O. *
San Marcos, CA


I came to Dr. Kouli for breast augmentation and I couldn’t be happier! Of course, I had my fears and hesitations with a surgery this big, but Dr. Kouli and his staff immediately put them to rest. He definitely took into consideration my personal needs and my lifestyle to determine how the surgery was to be done. I am 100% satisfied with how everything turned out. And I’m so glad I chose to come here! I would highly highly recommend to anyone!


Jennifer F. *
Sewell, NJ


Came to San Diego from NJ to have gastric balloon placed. Wonderful experience from start to finish. Staff was organized-especially since I was coming from out of state. The office and procedure room were immaculate. Dr. Kouli and staff checked up on me often post procedure. When I went to have ballon removed I received the same great treatment. If you are struggling with weight loss and looking for a non surgical approach this might be great for you.


Belinda M. *
Clairement, San Diego, CA


Dr Kouli and his staff are very professional, friendly, caring and supportive through the surgery and recovery process. I interviewed several surgeons before deciding on Dr Kouli. His technique was the best for my particular surgery. I like keeping as many of my parts as possible and keeping my lymph nodes so my body could heal naturally without drainage lines was the clincher for me. Thank you Dr Kouli and staff for your genuine caring and support.


Dr. Kouli:

I just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful job you did with my Mini Face Lift. The procedure went without a hitch and I did not even have to under go anesthesia which always make me ill. I had my procedure done in the office and walked out with no discomfort. My procedure was done on a Wednesday and I returned to work the following Monday. I was getting jowls and deep lines around my mouth. The lines have been minimized and the jowls ARE GONE!!!! I would recommend anyone with concerns about aging to look into making an appointment with you and have you perform your magic………
– DS *

I chose Dr. Kouli as my cosmetic surgeon for a tummy tuck and a mini-face lift. The results are excellent as I have received many positive remarks from friends and family. He is caring and extremely professional. I felt very special while under his care. I would recommend him to anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery.
I am really going to miss you. You have been a great mentor to me as well as my favorite surgeon.
— MR *


Sierra H. *
San Marcos, CA

Huge thank you to Dr. Kouli and the rest of the staff at Esthetica of San Diego!! I recently underwent breast augmentation and could not be happier with the results. From the minute I called to make my consultation I felt that I was in good hands. The woman on the phone was able to squeeze me in on such short notice and seemed happy to do so. All of the nurses were sweet and kind to me. Dr. Kouli made me feel comfortable as soon as I met him. I went with my mom and we both felt that I would be in great hands. Kouli provided a suggestion as to how many cc’s I should go with but ultimately left the decision up to me and supported the 425 I decided to go with. During my pre op, day of surgery, and post op, everyone kept me informed and comfortable. Wish I could give this place more than 5 stars!!!!


L G. *
San Diego, CA

Just had the Reshape dual gastric balloons placed in my stomach on 4/8/16. Dr, Kouli and his staff were very welcoming and supportive. I had the procedure done in the Del Mar office. I’ll keep this review updated on my weight loss progress.


Belinda M. *
Clairemont, San Diego, CA

Thank you Dr Kouli for the fabulous results.  Great care and follow up from everyone.  The staff is fantastic and have made this the best experience ever.


Tine B. *
San Diego, CA

I have had the best experience with the team of Esthetica & ESP. with Dr. Kouli. From my consultation, surgery to my follow up exams they have been consistent, helpful & amazing. It’s been one year now since my surgery & they are still there for me checking up to see if everything is still ok. Dr. Kouli & his team did a fabulous job. I fell in love & there isn’t any doctor I would recommend other than him. The minute I stepped into my consultation with my fiancé, they had already made us feel comfortable. They listened well & gave me time w| the information I needed to figure out what I truly wanted. My surgery was a breeze & the healing process was not as bad as I thought it would be. It’s been almost exactly a year & they feel like my family. I will be going back to visit soon.

Thank you Dr. Kouli & to the team of Esthetica.


Julyana G. *
Escondido, CA

I had my surgery done at the Del Mar Location. I am extremely  happy  with my results. I got exactly  what I wanted, nothing less. I loved the doctor  and staff. Since the moment  I walked  in, to the moment  I walked  out they were very  professional,  friendly,  polite, attentive just overall amazing. I have recommend friends  and they loved it as well. Thank you for everything.  If you’re  looking  for a place to get your surgery  done or any other treatment, this is the place to go I recommend  it 110%.


Gina L. *
El Cajon, CA

If there were more then 5 stars to rate I would rate 100 
Words can’t describe how happy I am to have gone to Dr. kouli for my liposuction. Best decision I have ever made. The staff was amazing and caring just made me feel very comfortable being there. As far as my results I’m absolutely happy. My stomach is very smooth and flat and I’m still in recovery mode seeing results instantly is great cause I’m excited to see how my final outcome is going to be . Dr. kouli is an amazing surgeon and I’m very honored of letting him take care of my stubborn needs cause no doubt he did a phenomenal job . I’m very happy with everything. My next needs are my flanks and I know exactly who I’m going to, to get the job done. Prices were great and overall happy with everything.
Thank you Dr. Kouli for helping me feel confident again.


Renee C. *
San Diego, CA

ERIKA DE SANTIS at Esthetica San Diego

I first met Erika DeSantis, RN, BSN (Aesthetic Nurse Specialist in Laser & Injectables) when she worked at another doctor’s office, and once she left there I followed her to Esthetica of San Diego.

I’ve been seeing her for 4 years now and I am so pleased with her work! She is truly amazing and is THE BEST IN THE BIZ! She’s treated me with Botox, Xeomin, Voluma and Radiesse and I am very happy with my results. I look 20 years younger and I’ve never had any complications with any of the products or treatments.

Erika recently treated me for an eyebrow lift by using ULTHERAPY. I was amazed at how quickly it worked, my brows were lifted and it opened up my eye area. The procedure was painless and very effective because of her quality of care.

Before I met Erika, I was getting injectables at other “sub-par” cosmetic doctor’s offices and was never satisfied. They would either over or under inject me and the results were never what I expected, causing me to continually go back and pay more, and they would ask ME where I would like to be injected. Erika, however, is so knowledgeable and knows exactly what she’s doing and I have ALWAYS BEEN A SATISFIED CUSTOMER.

Besides her high skill level, Erika has great technique and a gentle touch – I never feel the needles, whereas other nurses would cause pain as they rush you in and out of the office. Erika takes her time to educate you to make sure she’s accomplished the look you want, which is always subtle, natural, and aesthetically pleasing.

She’s not one of those nurses who will suggest a treatment just to make money, she’s 100% interested in creating a beautiful YOU. Erika listens to your needs and educates you on the different injectables. She doesn’t try to sell you the most expensive brand just to make a buck. She’s so concerned with making you happy that she’ll go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied – and I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN EXTREMELY SATISFIED.

Her professionalism, sweet personality and caring nature are one thing, but her ADVANCED EXPERTISE & EDUCATION are very impressive. I did some research, which I always do, and found that she’s been in the Plastic Surgery Dermatology industry for more than 12 years and graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE with a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) and minoring in BIO CHEMISTRY. This is the kind of knowledge and education I want in a person who’s working on my face.

Then there’s the follow-up care. Erika cares so much for her patients that she gives them her private cell phone number so that she can be contacted for additional questions or concerns.

And lastly, she’s continually educates herself on the latest & greatest products and procedures and every time I come in she has learned a new technique.

Erika exceeds my expectations every time and I will never go to anyone else.




Rachel W. *
Imperial Beach, CA

Happy with the costumer service and the procedure I got. Went in and about a week later there was an opening, yes it was a bit rushed and with that said there was a small mix up (not intentional or Dr. Kouli fault) however everything worked out. I’m happy with the results and I would recommend him. He is very personable and I felt safe in his magical hands. If I decide to get any other work done I will be going to him.


Lulu M. *
Carlsbad, CA

I met Erika about 4 years ago and I have never been disappointed.  She is very educated in the latest Ultherapy and BBL.  Her goal is for you to look and feel good about yourself not to recommend unneeded procedures to make money.   She also has a very gentle touch and makes sure that you are comfortable at every point in the procedure.  Erika also takes her time to listen to you as well explain what to expect in order to make sure she’s accomplished the look you are looking for.

I have recommended her to a friend that drives over an hour to see Erika because she worth the drive.

Try her you will love her!


Michelle W. *
Fallbrook, CA

Dr Kouli is magic and intuitive. He is a natural at what he does.

I am very amazed at his work.My breasts look like I am twenty again.

His team is sweet and the nurse I  had was sweet as a Angel, true kindness.

He was the first Dr. I went to I didn’t have to look any further.

I just could tell he was the real thing So happy I went with my heart. Thank you all. You will do a lot of good work for a lot of people.
Lots of good energy your way Dr. Kouli

Thank you Michelle


Kat K. *
San Diego, CA

I’ve been coming to see Erika De Santis for almost three years now and she is absolutely amazing! I have gotten Botox and Injectables from her and everything has always turned out perfectly. Any time I try something new with her she always follows up the next day to see how I am doing, how it looks and if I am happy about it. I always appreciate her kindness and sincerity to addressing any concerns I may have before we try something new. I have always had a very heavy brow and she is always able to help lift this, which has not been the case in the past with previous people I have seen. Erika has a very good hand with injectables and I would trust her to do anything and know it will turn out absolutely amazing. I have referred many of my friends to see her and all have felt the same as I have.
Thank you Erika for making me feel and look beautiful!!!!!


Angelica G. *
San Marcos, CA

I had my breast done at Esthetica in Del Mar. I am very happy with my results. I feel great, got exactly what I wanted, and have referred several friends, who are also happy.

The staff and doctor are great!


Joann A. *
Coronado, CA

If you have ever thought of having any type of plastic surgery, I cannot recommend Dr. Kouli and his entire staff enough! I had my upper and lower eyelids done, lipo on my neck, and a mini facelift. I had my surgery on Thursday and was back to work Monday. There has been no pain ( as I was told there would not be)! just a little soreness. Dr. Kouli , Julie, Susan, Tina, and Megan are so encouraging! I love everything about my entire experience!

Thank you so much!


Jena S. *
San Diego, CA

I am very happy that I chose Dr. Kouli as my surgeon. I went to several other consultations prior to choosing Dr. Kouli, and even though he was the farthest away from me, I ultimately chose him because he made me feel very comfortable and his staff was very friendly and helpful.

During my consultation with Dr. Kouli I expressed to him that I wanted breast augmentation but did not want to look extremely fake due to my profession. He was very helpful in helping me select a size that met my requirements. He was great at explaining the medical procedure and still made me feel like a person and not a patient number or a specimen for surgery like other surgeons did during consultations. His staff was very friendly and helpful in creating appointments and answering any other questions I couldn’t think of previous when Dr. Kouli was in the room.

During my pre-op I told Dr. Kouli I was really nervous (because of the twilight procedure, no GA) and he put me at ease telling me I would probably be asleep the whole time but I may be awake and joked about the funny things people say while in this state. I joked back with him I’d bring him some good stories!

The day of my surgery, they were able to fit me in earlier and were great at calming my nerves. I don’t even remember passing out after the IV, but I woke up to the nurse saying my boyfriend was already there to pick me up and I remember thinking “what? I just fell asleep!” They laughed at my confusion and said they were already done! I felt like I was only asleep for a few minutes! Very glad I chose this method and not GA. They were really great about helping me into the car since I was extremely groggy from the surgery.

I experienced the normal amount of discomfort that comes with any surgery, but I had no complications and my scars looked great! And even now, almost 6 weeks later, they are almost gone. My breasts are dropping and fluffing every day and am very happy with my results. My experience with Dr. Kouli and his office were amazing – their fun, light-hearted atmosphere combined with experience made me feel very comfortable and I always look forward to an appointment. My only regret is not going a bit bigger! But I know there’s a BA revision in my future, and Dr. Kouli will be the one to do it!


Bekki T. *
El Cajon, CA

Dr. Kouli and his staff are amazing. I had a consultation and from the moment I walked in I knew I had found my doctors office. My only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner. If you’re looking for knowledge, experience, honesty, warm friendly bedside manor, look no further!


David E. *
San Diego, CA

My family has been participating in subtle refreshers through Esthetica for years now.  The staff is friendly and highly skilled.  Dr Kouli his highly skilled, producing great results with  thorough aftercare.  Several of us have had the benefit of the talented and professional Julie, in the Coronado office as well.


Diana S. *
El Cajon, CA

I called in to see Dr. Splinter and found he had sold his practice. So i changed my appointment to a consultation.  Dr. Kouli was the same personality as Dr Splinter.  We talked about my concerns,  what I was thinking of having done.   He was able to give me some options.

Instead of a face lift with eye lids lifted I chose the mini lift with cheekbone filler to lift those smile lines that look like frowns or jowls.

Instead of an eye lift he did this cool thing from inside my eyelid that didn’t even hurt and left only the tinyest mark. Hubby says no one would ever know if I didn’t point it out. Cheeks are lifted,  eyes gave no wrinkles and lipo on my tummy gave me what I was hoping for and better. Flat tummy!!! Curved waist without folds. Shaped like a curvy woman without the yuk. So happy!

If you don’t know what you want go see Dr Kouli and ask for a consultation. You will be happy you did. Very nice guy. Funny too. Staff is very caring. Love you Julie and Megan.


Kathleen S. *
Coronado, CA

When I turned 50 I was ready for some minor cosmetic procedures and didn’t know where to start. I wanted someplace close to home with a friendly staff and a great Dr.

I found that at Dr. Kouli’s office. I have always been happy with my choices and Dr. Kouli never tries to talk me into something I don’t want. I have to say Megan is always so helpful with administrative stuff and will answer any question at all. What a pleasant experience to this newbie.


Huda R. *
Bonita, CA

Dr. Kouli is an exceptional plastic surgeon who is caring, honest, and has a great esthetic eye to give you exactly what you want; just take a look at his image gallery online.

It goes without saying that he is a highly skilled and extremely artistic Doctor who does beautifully crafted work…but almost more important than that is his care and concern for his patients!!

When I stepped into Dr. Kouli’s office I felt welcomed and valued, which sadly is something I can’t say for other offices I received consults at. His staff are nothing short of amazing, just a warm and friendly atmosphere, and an educated and professional staff.

Dr. Kouli answered all of my questions and my husband’s questions clearly and truthfully. He explained all the dangers involved with surgery, and what to expect if I decided to go through with the procedure. I really appreciated that he told me the truth and not just what I wanted to hear just so I would become his patient. He is very modest. If you don’t need something, he’ll tell you, if he doesn’t believe the results will suit you, he also will not do it.

As far as the results go, let’s just say that my husband is very happy and I could not be more pleased! I got exactly what I wanted and more.
My whole experience at Dr. Kouli’s office was not only professional but flawless! Through every step of the way, from consult to surgery to follow-up! He was very educated passionate and caring!! He always made me feel important and valued! I would Highly recommend him! You will be in great hands; I’ll be back for more as needed ;).

Thank you Dr. Kouli and staff.


Laura D. *
San Diego, CA

Two months before my wedding, I decided to get some Liposculpture on my waist, torso and arms.  I was researching doctors in Mexico when I saw an ad for Esthetica in Coronado, so I gave them a call.  They were miraculously able to get me a consultation on the same day.  The staff were very nice and caring, and Dr. Kouli was charming and honest about what he thought I should or shouldn’t do. They were also able to pull some strings and get me scheduled within two weeks.

All my fears were alleviated on the day of the procedure and I was treated very well.  Don’t remember much except them waking me up and telling me it was time to go home lol.  Now the next few days were no walk in the park let me tell you, but the doctor and his staff were always there to answer questions and see me if needed.

I am now over three weeks post surgery and the results are getting better every day. All my bruising is gone and my waist is looking really small. I still have some swelling as expected, but I have a few more weeks to go before the wedding.

I have already recommended Dr. Kouli and his staff to a few friends.  They really made me feel comfortable and I am very happy with the results thus far.  I would definitely go back if I need any other work done.  

You may pay less in Tijuana, but do you really want to have to cross the border every time you see your doctor?  Especially when you are recovering and in pain?  I think not.


Teena B. *
Irvine, CA

I had a great lipo experience with Dr. Kouli in Irvine a year and a half ago. I was so pleased with the results that when it came time to have my breast implants removed, I followed him to San Diego. Again everything turned out great! I trust him implicitly and will continue to use him for all future procedures.


Batool M. *
Honolulu, HI

I have seen multiple doctors in the past for various plastic surgery procedures and i have recently done a mini face lift and removed excess eyelids, I can honestly say I am most satisfied with the results thanks to Dr. Kouli.

His staff is very welcoming and make you feel right at home. Dr.koulis office and surgery room exceeded my expectations with their cleanliness. Dr.kouli is one of those doctors that help you make the right decision. I look so natural and 10 years younger!!


Heidi A. *
San Diego, CA

My family and I have all seen Dr. Kouli for multiple things like Botox, mini facelift, eye lid removal, and lip fillers.

We are all very pleased with the results. Dr. Kouli and his staff are very comforting and knowledgable. If you’re looking for a doctor who’s going to be honest and help you look natural and satisfied, Dr. Kouli is the doctor to see. The office manager, Megan helps work around your schedule and is very accommodating.

Dr. Kouli does all kinds of procedures and knows what looks good.

I recommend Esthetica to all my friends and family.


Dianna B. *
Chula Vista, CA

I never thought I would really put myself through a cosmetic surgery, but when I did my research for breast augmentation, I found out that Esthetica of San Diego has an edge over the other clinics in terms of experience and modern techniques. I had the privilege of first meeting Dr. Kouli over the phone. I was supposed to have my surgery at the Del Mar branch, but considered having IV sedation instead of general anesthesia, as I read that it offers extended pain relief and overall faster recovery from sedation. At first, I was apprehensive since our first meeting was over the phone, but when you talk to Dr. Kouli, he will immediately put you at ease since you will automatically realize that you are talking to someone knowledgeable in his field. He answered all of my questions, and most of them, I didn’t even have to ask because he’s already explained them to me. On our first face-to-face meeting for the fitting, he was very professional and it wasn’t awkward at all, like I had expected. He listened to my concerns and patiently looked for the best fit for my taste and need. To make a long story short, I had a speedy recovery and fantastic results. I only had my surgery 5 weeks ago, and now my scars (inframammary) are dry, and the pain was gone at about the 2nd week mark. I was actually back at my physically-demanding job after 4 days (although it’s not recommended for most). As an added bonus, I believe I had a really good deal. Don’t hesitate to inquire at his office! Megan, Julie, and the rest of the team are really helpful and friendly, and I know I made the right choice to trust Esthetica San Diego. Thank you!


Betty B. *
Anza, CA

I really loved the great service i  recieved at dr. kouli’s office.. they make you feel very comfortable from the secretary megan to the nurses and the dr.. the dr is very friendly and makes u feel very comfortable in answering any and all your questions you may have.  i will most definetly go back for any further procedures im planning to get in the near future.


Carol G. *
Coronado, CA

Dr. Kouli is an amazing surgeon. I consulted with 3 plastic surgeons before deciding to go with Dr. Kouli. I had the eye lift, cheekbone filler, and mini face lift. I’m so happy with the results. He is a very conscientious Dr., very caring and personable, and his staff is also very efficient and caring. He is very skilled. The follow up care is also very good. I have already recommended him to friends and family. I plan to return to him. I have had so many compliments already!


Rebecca M. *
Coronado, CA

This place is great. I’m glad I chose to come here. The staff is fantastic. Dr. Kouli, Megan, and Julie were all so kind. And somehow they managed to work around my crazy schedule!


Tricia D. *
Chula Vista, CA

Dr. Kouli and his staff are AMAZING!!! I recently had a breast augmentation and I am so very happy with the results. Dr. Kouli is such a gentle, kind, compassionate and knowledgable Doctor. The Dr. and his staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend Dr. Kouli. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Thank you for being so patient with me and making me beautiful! I am so extremely happy with my breast augmentation. Dr. Kouli is #1 in my book!


Neal S. *
San Diego, CA

Dr. Kouli is an extraordinarily competent plastic surgeon. I am proactive when it comes to health and consult physicians regularly to stay healthy.  After meeting with three different surgeons, I chose Dr. Kouli. He is very kind, his office staff are delightful and caring and the conversations before a mini-lift explored all avenues of the procedure.  The surgery went exactly as planned, even better as the time was short, the recovery was easy, the look met my highest expectations, and the stitching left no tangible marks.  The follow-up proved thorough and professional. The cost was at the moderate or below moderate scale in comparison to other surgeons. You must include Dr. Kouli at Esthetica when you are shopping for a procedure!


John D. *
El Cajon, CA

Dr. Kouli is awesome!! I was quite nervous about the idea of having cosmetic surgery, but Dr. Kouli was very compassionate, helpful, and understanding. And staff members Megan and Julie were also so friendly and supportive. Best of all, the results of the surgery are fantastic. I was concerned that having a facelift might make me look like a different person, but friends tell me that I look like myself, but much younger like I did 5-10 years ago. I couldn’t be more happy with the entire experience. If you’re considering having any type of plastic surgery, I encourage you to visit Dr. Kouli. He is a great surgeon, and I would recommend him to all of my friends and family who may be interested in improving their appearance.


Elaine P. *
Alpine, CA

I went to Esthetica of San Diego with a friend for Botox and a consultation. The feedback was well received. I certainly appreciated the honesty from Dr. In December I had a full face peel and my upper eyelids done. I followed the aftercare exactly as planned. I am so happy with the results. My skin is fantastic and I am so pleased with the way my eyes look. The aftercare from Dr. Kouli has been wonderful. Julie and Megan have been such a great support team for me. I highly recommend Dr.Kouli and Esthetica of San Diego for your needs.

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