Dr. Mitra Tahvildarian

Mitra Tahvildarian is a highly accomplished woman with her PhD in Nursing, she comes to us with years of experience. Over the course of her career, she’s focused on regenerative therapies and solutions to remedy common signs of aging. With her extensive experience in Functional Medicine (CFMP), Mitra has made it her life-long mission to improve the quality of life for mankind. Because of her expert knowledge, experience, and skills, Esthetica of Newport Beach is proud and honored to introduce Mitra. 


Mitra has made it a priority in her practice to be a life-long student and her academic accolades reflect just that. Mitra’s academic accomplishments include:

Masters of Science in Nursing

Through the hundreds of clinical hours necessary to earn an M.S. in Nursing, Mitra acquired an advanced skill set not available to typical RNs. From specializing in many different focuses like patient care and healthcare practices to gaining leadership skills, practitioners who hold an M.S. in Nursing are regarded as those who set the pace in their industry and are looked to for guidance by many healthcare professionals. This degree would be the foundation for Mitra’s career. 

Ph.D. in Nursing

Continuing her education in the nursing field, Mitra earned her Ph.D. in Nursing, a degree that is the highest level of education within the nursing profession. With this degree, Mitra was prepared for a career focused on advanced clinical practice and furthering the science and research-based knowledge essential to nurses at all levels. 

Certified Functional Medical Practitioner 

As a certified functional medical practitioner (CFMP), Mitra’s belief is to treat the actual problem using a natural/holistic approach rather than “putting a bandaid” over the issue. This means she takes into account the patient’s physical, emotional, and mental conditions when determining a cause for chronic conditions or ailments. Because of her extensive knowledge and background in nursing, Mitra is well-equipped to address critical factors such as diet, stress levels, genetics, hormonal changes, medications, and various other lifestyle components. While other practitioners focus solely on treating the symptoms, Mitra believes in focusing on many aspects of the individual and exploring more robust treatment and therapies rather than strictly the pharmaceutical route. 

Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner 

Trained as an Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (AGNP), Mitra is well-versed in treating and studying the aging process and reversing age-related effects in her patients. As the average age of the general population becomes older, the need for qualified and trained AGNPs will be more crucial than ever. Older adults have more unique needs and require more attentive care to optimize their health and aid in their aging process

With Mitra on our staff, we have a well-rounded, highly trained practitioner who can serve any patient from any walk of life. 

Mitra’s Specialties

Liquid Facelift

While a traditional facelift might be the perfect solution for some patients to achieve a younger, brighter appearance, many can achieve similar results without having to undergo surgery. To do so, Mitra utilizes a procedure known as The Liquid Facelift. Whether you have wrinkles around your eyes, under-eye bags, or fine lines around your mouth, Mitra decides which filler is best for reversing the signs of aging. Once she has decided which filler is best for your personalized liquid facelift, Mitra addresses your target areas with just the right amount of filler. Patients who elect for a liquid facelift do so because of the ease and simplicity of the procedure as well as the recovery. With only a little swelling and mild bruising, patients can experience the wonderful benefits of a liquid facelift almost immediately after leaving Mitra’s care. 

IV Therapy

IV therapy is a method to introduce nutrient-rich substances to the body through the patient’s bloodstream – bypassing their digestive system. When the nutrient is administered intravenously, a higher concentration of the nutrient is absorbed by the body. She uses a carefully constructed solution to treat muscle spasms, acute asthma attacks, migraines, fatigue, and cardiovascular disease – among many other conditions. To aid in energy, digestion, immune support, heart health, and weight loss, Mitra utilizes hydration therapy to supply the body with the proper nutrients to keep you feeling refreshed and balanced. While most of these solutions are pre-measured, Mitra can custom tailor your necessary IV treatment to address your unique needs and health goals. IV therapy is a perfect addition to your personalized treatment plan during your time at Esthetica. 


ccurring substance found in the skin. When it is injected, hyaluronic acid provides volume to the target tissue and smooths out any overlying wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid also keeps the skin hydrated, promotes a healthier glow to your complexion, and provides better structural support to the dermis. When these are injected into the skin, the viscous substance binds with the skin’s inner structure to add volume in areas that have lost mass over time. 

Your Consultation With Mitra

As she believes in treating the patient, not the problem, Mitra will begin your consultation with a medical interview and physical examination. Then, she will discuss your current levels of health and well-being. She will inquire about your diet, your exercise activity, your daily stress levels, your sleep quality and patterns, and what changes you would like to see to your overall health and happiness. All of this information will give Mitra a sense of where you are right now and where you want to be in the future.