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Mitra Tahvildarian

Mitra Tahvildarian uses functional medicine to discover additional answers to the cause and stubbornness of patients’ illnesses. Furthermore, she accurately determines patients’ nutritional and biochemical imbalances, which may have been the trigger or the cause or stubbornness of the illness. Mitra’s knowledge of nutrition and life coaching skills contributes vastly to the health and quality of life for her patients.



Mitra Tahvildarian has many years of experience in non-surgical Facial Sculpture by using advanced methods of injections and individualizing cosmetic procedures, as well as rejuvenation through Cell technology.

Since looking good contributes not only to feel good but also contributes immensely to the quality of life – Mitra’s expertise in skin rejuvenation and facial sculpture without surgery replaces the gloom of illness with zest and exuberance for her patients.

Mitra Tavildarian is able to reverse many of her patients’ resistant conditions like arthritis, chronic fatigue, diabetes, heart problems, insomnia, depression, chronic and stubborn hyperpigmentation, chronic and stubborn cystic acne, migraine and tension headaches, primary or essential hypertension, neuropathy, obesity, addiction, mysterious pains such as Fibromyalgia, and many other condition.