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Breast augmentation San Diego is surgery performed to enhance the size, shape and overall appearance of the breasts. It is one the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures performed each year. In 2013, over 290,000 breast augmentation procedures were performed in the U.S.

Are you exploring Breast Augmentation?

Most women requesting a consultation for breast augmentation in san diego are looking to enhance their breast size, restore loss of breast volume from weight loss or pregnancy, wish to get better contour or desire to improve sagging breasts with a possible lift, or breast lift. Alternatively it may be for reconstruction after mastectomy following breast cancer. For additional information on this procedure, please read further on breast reconstruction.

Who is a suitable candidate for a Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Some women look for subtle changes, while others want a more significant outcome. Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure to improve self-image and confidence.

A thorough understanding and explanation of what you are looking for is critical to you and your results. You should decide to have surgery only after you have a solid understanding of your expectations.

The best candidates for a breast augmentation are patients who are looking for improvement, not necessarily perfection. A patient is an individual and every woman has a different expectation of what they want to achieve and their expectations.

During your consultation with Dr Kouli, you to should communicate your expectations. Our mission is to surpass your expectations.

Breast Implants San Diego:

Implants shells are made of a silicone-based material. The inside of the implants are comprised of either saline or silicone gel. Breast implants are available in different shapes, sizes and textures.

What types of breast implants are available with Breast Augmentation Surgery?

There are different types of breast implants as well as various sizes, textures, shapes and profiles.

During your consultation you will have the opportunity to examine the implants and see how they feel and look with your body. Dr. Kouli will guide you through selection of the best breast implant for your body type.

Sizes are based on projection and width. Textures are either smooth or rough surface. Shape is either round or anatomic (teardrop). Profiles are low, medium or high.

The outer shell of the implant is a solid silicone, rubber shell that may have a smooth or textured covering. The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has approved after extensive research and investigation both saline or silicone as the filling substances of breast implants. Before placement of breast implants, a woman’s breasts should be fully developed. Saline implants are approved by the FDA for woman at least 18 years of age, while silicone implants are approved for woman at least 22 years of age.

What should you expect during your complimentary consultation?

This is the time you get to know and become comfortable with Dr. Kouli and the staff at Esthetica of San Diego, the Center for Cosmetic Surgery. You should express your needs, desires and expectations for your procedure. Dr. Kouli will review your medical history and explain the surgical technique of a breast augmentation. All your questions will be answered as thoroughly as possible. As Dr Kouli always says, no question is a stupid one.

A breast examination will be performed to evaluate the quality of your skin, breast size and tissue. A breast lift may be recommended for saggy breasts. You will have a detailed discussion about the different implants and get a chance to try them on. Measurements will be taken to ensure the implant you choose will give you the expectations you desire.

Dr. Kouli will discuss common risks and potential complications of breast augmentation and will explain the pre-operative and post-operative process.

Let Dr. Kouli know about any of the items below before undergoing a Breast Augmentation Procedure:

  • Allergies
  • Medications you take, including herbs, eye drops, over-the-counter medicines and creams
  • Blood thinners (anticoagulants), aspirin, or other drugs that could affect blood clotting
  • Use of steroids (by mouth or creams)
  • Possibility of pregnancy, if this applies
  • History of blood clots (thrombophlebitis)
  • History of bleeding or blood problems
  • Smoking history
  • Previous surgery
  • Previous problems with anesthetics, including local anesthetics
  • Any other health problems

Risks and Complications:

  • An incision that heals slowly
  • A reaction to the anesthesia
  • Blood pooling near the incision site that needs to be drained
  • Blood clots
  • Infection; Sometimes an infection cannot be treated, and an implant needs to be removed. This is rare.
  • Loss of feeling (numbness) in the nipple or breast; Sometimes feeling returns, but not always.
  • Unattractive scars
  • Hardened breasts; This can be caused by scarring inside the breast. It can be painful and might require additional surgery.
  • A break (rupture) in the implants. This can cause leaks. If a saline implant leaks, the implant will collapse and the water will be absorbed by the body. If a gel implant leaks, the implant might not collapse. The gel can collect in other areas of the breast. In either case, more surgery could be needed.
  • Ongoing pain

Before Your Procedure:

Discuss the details of your breast augmentation san diego procedure with Dr Kouli, including:

  • What you want out of the surgery; How do you want your breasts to look and feel? What size do you want them to be?
  • Whether you should have gel or saline implants; You should know:
    • The type of implant affects how the breast feels.
    • Gel implants should be checked every so often. That is because a leak often produces no symptoms.
    • Age makes a difference. In the United States, saline implants can be used for augmentation in women 18 and older. Gel implants can be used for augmentation in women 22 and older.
  • Dr Kouli may want you to have a mammogram (breast X-ray) and blood tests before the surgery.
  • One week before your surgery, stop using aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for pain relief. This includes prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs. Also, stop taking vitamin E.
  • If you take blood thinners, ask your caregiver when you should stop taking them.
  • Do not eat or drink for about 8 hours before your surgery.
  • Arrive at least 1 hour before the surgery. This will give you time to check-in and fill out any needed paperwork.
  • Make arrangements for someone to drive you home after your surgery.

Procedure Details:

  • You will be given an anesthetic so you do not feel pain. Breast augmentation is usually done under general anesthesia. You will be asleep for the procedure. Sometimes, it is done under local anesthesia – breast area will be numbed, but you will be awake.
  • A small cut (incision) will be made in your breast. The cut can be made near the nipple, in the crease beneath the breast, or in the armpit.
  • The tissues inside the breast are pulled away from the muscles. This creates an open area for the implant. Alternatively, a space is created under the muscles for the implant.
  • The implant is put in.
  • The incision will be closed with stitches and covered with surgical tape.

After your Procedure:

  • Your breasts will be wrapped in gauze.
  • You will be taken to a recovery area and monitored until the anesthesia wears off.
  • If your surgery is an outpatient procedure, you will be able to go home the same day.


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